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20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy

Everyone has one common goal in life: to achieve true happiness. The biggest factor holding us back from achieving our dreams is, simply and sadly, our own selves.
Elite Daily

How to Release Anger, Get Rid of Pain, and Finally Enjoy Peace
Through the free-to-you ReleasingFest you can rid yourself of every negative and destructive emotion you've had throughout your life. A lifetime of anxiety, unrest, self-criticism. and bad habits can simply be "released" from your being, giving you great peace, joy and abundance.
Releasing Fest

Sex In Old Age Boosts Brain Power
Seniors who saw sex and intimacy as important, and who described their current sex life as pleasant, scored better on cognitive tests than those who considered sexuality unimportant and their current sex life unpleasant.
Huffington Post

Choose Your Favorite Free Hypnosis MP3
Your FREE Hypnosis Audio MP3 is waiting for you! Activate the Law of Attraction... Find your life purpose... Unlock positive thinking... Eliminate stress... and more.
Hypnosis Live

The Greatest Gift in the Entire Universe
This is the transcript of a video by Stefan Molyneux, in which he gives probably the single greatest answer ever to the most common complaint you will inevitably hear from a modern, educated, working person.
By Stefan Molyneux

Top 10 Geniuses Who Were/Are Horrible People
When someone is remembered as a genius, little else about them as a person is made public. Why would we care that Einstein cheated on his wife like, all the time? In a similar vein, there are other geniuses from a variety of respective fields that are, or were, straight-up awful people...
By Karl Smallwood

MindTrip Magazine Issue 33 Now Available!
Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness. The lastest issue of our digital magazine is now available on Apple and Android devices.
MindTrip Magazine

The Power of Self-Healing
From simple pain relief to anesthetic-free surgery performed under the effect of hypnosis, there is countless evidence that shows the extent at which the mind can affect the body’s system and functioning.
By Gilbert Ross

How to Become Superhuman
While many superheroes come by their superpowers through genetic blessing or freakish accident, Batman is a regular guy who gained his superhuman abilities on his own. He studied science, perfected his body, sharpened his mind and powers of deduction, and utilized technology. He became superhuman through his own effort.
The Art of Manliness

Miracles With A Wave Of Your Hand
Your mind has the power to heal itself, other people, plants, animals and much more. This seems like creating miracles, because they're so out of the ordinary when they actually do happen. But what if you could "flip a switch" and activate your own ability to heal yourself or even other people, from the inside-out? Imagine what you could do.
The Art of Neutrality

German version of 'How to Program Your Mind For Wealth'
Along with the 97% positive reviews on Amazon, one of the readers of our book Mind Over Money: How to Program Your Mind For Wealth was so inspired by the program that she translated the entire book into German!

The Ultimate Guide to Changing Your Life
This is what happens to me when change is being born. At least for me: I’ve never avoided any of these steps.
By James Altucher

8 Powerful Questions That Will Change Your Life
Regardless of the demographic, educational level, or bank account, there have been questions and things I have asked patients to think about that have resonated and served as a catalyst for them to make impactful changes and improvements in their lives.
By Jonathan Alpert

5 Famous Books Inspired by Dreams
Everybody dreams, but most of the time our dreams are nothing more than the subconscious mind processing thoughts and feelings from our waking hours. Yet, every so often a creative individual has a vivid dream which inspires them to put pen to paper and create a great work of literature.
By Beverly Jenkins

Could Magic Mushrooms Change the World?
Writing about magic mushrooms certainly hasn't made Simon rich, at least not in the monetary sense. But a lifetime of psilocybin exploration, Simon claims, has brought him more spiritual riches and wisdom than he could have ever asked for—and he wants you to discover them, too.

How to Master Your Subconscious Mind
Although you may not be able to perceive or see them it is important to point out that repetition of these hidden subliminal messages means that they can penetrate into your subconscious mind and this can then change your attitude and behavior. Subliminal messages are, therefore, a great tool which can help you to think positively and increase your motivation.

Brain-Altering Devices: Coming Soon to a Skull Near You
You know you're taking 1,000 too few steps a day, eating 500 more calories than you should, and getting only a fraction of the outside time you need; actually doing something with the data is the hard part. Motivation and habit change are hard, and no heart-monitoring bracelet is going to magically solve that problem.
The Daily Dot

How to Treat Social Anxiety
Do you know of one thing that can single-handedly rob you of opportunities to meet others, ensure your chances of building relationships are shattered and possibly take a toll on your health? I'm talking about a condition known as Social Anxiety or Social Fear and it is something that is obstructing the lives of people all over the world.
Social Anxiety Fix

5 Cult Leaders Who Used Sex to Control Their Followers
When it comes to keeping someone under your control, banging them while slowly exerting power over their minds and bodies is possibly the best way to do that. It is true that other methods can work. You can threaten someone, beat them, isolate them, financially exploit them, but none of those are as effective as sex.

Is Yoga a Sex Cult?
Since the baby boomers discovered yoga, the arousal, sweating, heavy breathing and states of undress that characterize yoga classes have led to predictable results. In 1995, sex between students and teachers became so prevalent that the California Yoga Teachers Association deplored it as immoral and called for high standards.
New York Times

Almost Free Copy of "How to Order From the Universe"
We've created a 7-chapter, 57-page sample of Steven Pavlina's Amazon bestseller How to Order from the Universe which you can access by simply sharing this gift with people on your Twitter or Facebook accounts.
By Steve Pavlina

The One and Only Thing That's Missing From Your Life
Something is happening today that could transform untold numbers of lives — including your own... and here's how you can be a part of it. Right now over 200 leading authors and experts are sending out this vital information so you and people around the world can start living fully, freely, and fearlessly.
By Guy Finley

60 Ways to Make Life A Little Bit Simpler
Over the course of time, we made our lives more and more difficult, and we started losing touch with who we really are and what we really need. So let’s get back to the basics, shall we? Let’s make things simple again. It’s easy. Here are 60 ways to do just that.
Marc and Angel Hack Life

Zen Meditation Really Does Clear the Mind
This suggests Zen meditation could help treat attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (so-called ADD or ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, major depression and other disorders marked by distracting thoughts.

14 Incredibly Weird Things You Can Buy at Amazon
I now present to you the strangest, most bizarre products and gifts that you can possibly have delivered right to your front door. Spoil yourself, or confuse your friends and make their birthdays unforgettable by sending them these as gifts!
By Veronica Gwynn

How to Steal and Get Rich
Unfortunately, stealing is not a shortcut to success. Stealing is THE ONLY PATH to success.
By James Altucher

The Top 10 Strangest How-to Books
Here are the top 10 strangest how-to books that will most definitely leave you thinking "why?" And yes, all of these books are real books and can be purchased at Amazon.

Can Plants Read Your Mind?
In 1966 something happened that shook the scientific world to it's very foundations... and it was discovered, not in a famous laboratory, but in a small room in an office building in New York.
By James F. Coyle

Negative Thinking for Weight Loss
Yes, negative thoughts and emotions have power. Just think of how motivating fear is when it comes to defending your life or even running away from something that you fear. In fact, just imagine how mucheasier it would be to go jogging everyday if you had a steamroller at your heels!
Belly Fat Furnace

How to Use Your Brain in the Future
His theories on the future of the mind are wide-ranging, from the possibilities of telepathy to controlling programmable matter with our thoughts alone. At times, his opinions sound purely like science fiction – but he’s convinced that these are developments we’ll see not just in the distant future, but by the end of the century. Of particular interest is the ability to implant memories.
Daily Mail

Top 10 Strangest, Most Bizarre Books to Warp Your Mind
I love reading. And I love really weird ideas. So obviously I love utterly strange books. And thanks to Amazon, I can now fulfill my addiction to bizarre ideas from the comfort of my bathroom. Yay, technology!
By Veronica Gwynn

MindTrip Magazine Issue 32 Now Available!
Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness. The lastest issue of our digital magazine is now available on Apple and Android devices.
MindTrip Magazine

The Myth of the 8-hour Sleep
We often worry about lying awake in the middle of the night - but it could be good for you. A growing body of evidence from both science and history suggests that the eight-hour sleep may be unnatural.

Program Your Own Mind or Others Will Program You
Over the past half century various studies have proven that subliminal messages really do have an affect on people's behavior.

10 Scientific Studies That Prove Subliminals Work
We often get asked for further evidence of subliminal messaging, and a lot of skeptical questions from people who have yet to experience subliminal messaging for themselves, so here is a page we have complied with multiple studies which have been conducted on subliminal messaging using audio based messages over the last 30+ years.

Top 20 Self Help Books of All Time
After more than a decade as a public speaker, I've been asked hundreds of times for the best self help books that have made the biggest impact in my life... For each of the best self help books on this list, I give my highest recommendation.
By Matt Morris

The Top 10 Weirdest Religions Ever Created
We have previously published a variety of lists on strange religious practices, religions you never knew existed, and weird cults, but not a list of bizarre religions.

The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board
Tool of the devil, harmless family game -- or fascinating glimpse into the non-conscious mind?
Smithsonian Magazine

6 Ways to Think and Grow Rich
Rich people have a way of thinking that is different from poor and middle class people. They think differently about money, wealth, themselves, other people, and life.
Secrets of a Spiritual Millionaire

Be A Rich Monk
You can be 100% spiritual and self-developed and free – while still living and operating in the modern world. It's the way of the cosmopolitan self-developed warrior.
By Karl Moore

7 More of the Strangest Books You Could Ever Read
I love reading. And I love really weird ideas. So obviously I love utterly strange books. And thanks to Amazon, I can now fulfill my addiction to bizarre ideas from the comfort of my bathroom. Yay, technology!

Results of the World's Largest Near-Death Experience Study
"Contrary to perception, death is not a specific moment but a potentially reversible process that occurs after any severe illness or accident causes the heart, lungs and brain to cease functioning. If attempts are made to reverse this process, it is referred to as 'cardiac arrest'; however, if these attempts do not succeed it is called 'death'. In this study we wanted to go beyond the emotionally charged yet poorly defined term of NDEs to explore objectively what happens when we die."
Science Daily

Doctor Visits Heaven During Near-Death Experience
Dr. Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon who describes herself as a “concrete thinker” who isn’t “fanciful” and doesn’t exaggerate, spent a long time trying to explain a seemingly inexplicable event that unfolded back in 1999 following a near-death experience.
The Blaze

7 Ways Meditation Improves Your Brain
Below are some of the most exciting studies to come out in the last few years and show that meditation really does produce measurable changes in our most important organ.

There Is No Such Thing As Time
Everything exists in the present moment and it's a fundamental principle of the Universe that many of our scientists are still trying to grasp. Time does not actually exist and Quantum Theory proves it.
By Josh Richardson

How to Sell Anything to Anyone
The concept of mind control has always been irresistible to copywriters, salespeople, marketers and entrepreneurs. Why? Obviously, it gives the person who knows these psychological devices the privileged benefits to “push button” automatic fortunes.
Apply Hypnosis

The Secret of Rapid Manifestation
Nothing is more important than focusing on what you want. That is the mindset that you have to have to be at. In other words, you must stop trying to get rid of things that you don’t want or don’t make you feel good, because you can’t.
By Dr. Robert Anthony

50 Shades of Psychology
Now that EL James’s bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey is appearing as a movie, I will confess to a fascination with the novel’s theory of mind.
Washington Post

Why Isn't Money Flowing To Me?
3 Big Reasons Why You Don’t Have Money Flowing Effortlessly Into Your Life
By Kristen Howe

The Bold New World of the Future
This is what I would criticize Bold for: it looks only on the bright side. But I know that in their hearts Diamandis and my futurist colleagues believe that mankind will rise to the occasion and better itself; that it will avert the catastrophes.
Singularity Hub

Get Happy Get Money
The money isn't the means to the happy life. The happy life is the means to the money.
By Abraham Hicks

Life Is A Cosmic Joke
When one becomes enlightened, laughter is almost a natural by-product; spontaneously it comes, for the simple reason that we have been searching and searching our lives for something which was already there inside. Our whole effort was ridiculous! Our whole effort was absurd. One laughs at the great cosmic joke.
By Osho

6 Illusions That Enslave You To The Matrix
We live in a world of illusion. So many of the concerns that occupy the mind and the tasks that fill the calendar arise from planted impulses to become someone or something that we are not. This is no accident.
The Mind Unleashed

10 Amazing Inventions From Tesla That Changed the World
Perhaps one of Tesla’s most famous inventions deals directly with energy, something that is the talk of many social and political conversations and something that could be free to everyone if we used Nikola Tesla’s invention.
The Mind Unleashed

Free Meditation MP3s for Health, Wealth & Success
These are truly outstanding. They come laced with level 2 binaural beats, designed to take you to a really deep level of meditation very fast, and guided affirmations designed to manifest more money, your best life and abundant health.
Manifestation Miracle

7 More Weird Self-Help Book Titles
Today I thought we could get into some of the frivolous (or just plain freaky) self-help titles that can be found online - I admit that I have read none of them, I'm just making assumptions about content purely from the title and sometimes the blurb. Isn't that fun?
By Karen Tay

How Napoleon Hill Got Me a Porsche
"I have never known anyone who was inspired to use the secret, who did not achieve noteworthy success in his chosen calling. I have never known any person to distinguish himself, or to accumulate riches of any consequence, without possession of the secret."
Subliminal Video Messages

MindTrip Magazine Issue 31 Now Available!
Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness. The lastest issue of our digital magazine is now available on Apple and Android devices.
MIndTrip Magazine

Dentists Turn to Hypnosis for Anesthesia
Next time you go to a dentist for a tooth extraction, chances are that you may not be given an anesthetic. Instead, the dentist might hypnotize you for the duration of the procedure ensuring you don't feel the pain.
Times of India

Smart People Stay Up Late, Do More Drugs, Have More Sex
This may sound a bit shocking, but a series of studies have come out showing that intelligent people stay up later, do more drugs, and have more sex. The people in our society who have the highest IQs are noctural and enjoy indulging in drugs and sex more often than people with a lower IQ.
By Steven Bancarz

Man Films Himself Sitting and Smiling 4 Hours a Day
For the last six months, for four hours at a time, Benjamin Bennett has been sitting alone in his empty room and livestreaming himself sitting motionless and smiling in zen-like silence.

The Super Suggestion Technique for Creating Whatever You Want
I learned both of these strategies from a man that I really admire, Joe Karbo. The book of his that I read is already out of print, it was published in the 1970s. The two strategies are "DAILY DECLARATION" and "SUPER SUGGESTION".
Effortless Prosperity

How to Bend Reality Like a Mad Scientist
Throughout history, many unusually successful people like Tesla and Edison have quietly (outside of the public and the media's eyes) harnessed specific techniques that allow them to bend reality... And achieve what others may call impossible.
The Reality Bending Course

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***
What we don’t realize is that there is a fine art of non-fuck-giving. People aren’t just born not giving a fuck. In fact, we’re born giving way too many fucks. Ever watch a kid cry his eyes out because his hat is the wrong shade of blue? Exactly. Fuck that kid.
Mark Manson

Free Manifestation Breakthrough Kit
The audio file is just 5 minutes long but it contains powerful brain entrainment technology combined with abundant affirmations designed to manifest your dream life for you without hard work or struggle.
Manifestation Miracle

The Secret to Happiness: Stop Caring
We seek happiness in things. We seek happiness in the acceptance of others, in material possessions, in social status. We even search for happiness in some future-promised afterlife. We sabotage ourselves and our entire lives because we fail to understand a very simple but easily overlooked fact.
Paid To Exist

Man Trapped in Deja Vu Time Loop for 8 years
A student was forced to drop out of university after a bizarre case of chronic déjà vu left him unable to lead a normal life. The 23-year-old even stopped watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading newspapers or magazines because he believed he had seen it all before.
The Telegraph

How to Become Anyone
Ever heard of the Raikov effect? In a nutshell, it's a secret mental technique that enables you to step into someone else's shoes. It's easy to employ, but incredibly powerful. And once you've "become" that other person, the skills you "borrow" remain with you.
How to Become Anyone

Six Pills That Might Change Your Life
In the not-so-distant future, these six drugs -- already in the works -- will change how we live, and even how we die.
Popular Science

How Narcissism Can Get You That Job
The secret to excelling in a job interview may not hinge on how much your interviewers like you, but in how much you like yourself.

"Everything I Have I Owe to Alternate Universes"
In the space of just a few years, how on earth did a normal American senior citizen like myself accomplish not one, but multiple goals that some people spend their entire lives chasing?
Quantum Jumping

An Antidote to the Age of Anxiety
Watts argues that our primary mode of relinquishing presence is by leaving the body and retreating into the mind — that ever-calculating, self-evaluating, seething cauldron of thoughts, predictions, anxieties, judgments, and incessant meta-experiences about experience itself.
Brain Pickings

How To Fall In Love With Anyone
More than 20 years ago, the psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love in his laboratory. Last summer, I applied his technique in my own life, which is how I found myself standing on a bridge at midnight, staring into a man’s eyes for exactly four minutes.
NY Times

The 36 Questions That Lead to Love
He brought together pairs of strangers who were told to ask each other a series of increasingly personal questions. He found that, afterwards, the pairs felt greater closeness than strangers who engaged in small talk.
CBS News

How to Use Autosuggestion to Reach Your Goals
The importance of training the subconscious mind with autosuggestion is that the mind is susceptible to both positive and negative thoughts. Without consciously activating the subconscious mind to focus on positive thoughts, you risk allowing negative thoughts to infiltrate into the subconscious which will work towards ensuring that it is real.
By Greg Frost

Optimism Can Give You a Healthier Heart
Using the American Heart Association's criteria, a study of 5,000 adults found that the most optimistic people had twice the odds of being in ideal cardiovascular health as their pessimistic counterparts.
Science Daily

Ayahuasca -- The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
They say that one night of ayahuasca is like ten years seeing a psychiatrist. It is not a recreational drug. Afterwards, on the way home, we talked about going to a club, but in the end, all we really wanted was to be wrapped up in cotton wool and left in a corner with fresh water.

Take Control of Your Life with the FREE Wealth Mindfest
You are invited to a six-day, online event created by wealth expert John Cummuta and presented by Learning Strategies. It is called the Debt into Wealth Mindfest, and it is yours free with no obligation..
Debt Into Wealth Mindfest

Free Report: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally
Download this free report which will teach you 3 easy ways to quickly eliminate pain and discomfort of the eyes, the truth about contact lenses and how they may worsen your eyesight over time, and more....
Natural Clear Vision

9 Amazing Powers of Astral Projection
Our minds have unlimited potential and are capable of achieving things that are beyond the scope of traditional logic. These powers inherent within all of us can open up a whole new world of fun, excitement and exploration. One such power is Astral Projection.
Astral Project Now

Top 5 Books Tony Robbins Thinks You Should Read
Over the past 30 years, millions of people have seen a Tony Robbins presentation, listened to one of his audio lessons, or read one of his books... We spoke with him recently and asked him what books he recommends to anyone, regardless of where they are in their career..
By Tony Robbins

Hundreds of Free Self-Improvement Gifts for the New Year!
Here is an exclusive opportunity for you to download hundreds of high quality self help gifts, products, courses, software, MP3s and more - all 100% free.
Self-Improvement Gifts Giveaway 2015

The Saddest Secret in the World
The truth is that wherever you are is where you want to be. Whatever you are doing is what you want to do. You do not need to learn time management. You are managing your time exactly how you want to. It's not a failure of willpower. You are exerting your will exactly as you want to..
MindTrip Magazine

Astral Sex -- The Ecstasy of Out-of-Body Pleasure
You’re not limited to the physical. There’s a whole other world of sex, pleasure, and unbridled passion awaiting you outside of your physical shell. And today I’m going to tell you all about it.
By Erin Pavlina

Magic Words That Bring You Riches
Certain words incite many emotions and subsequent actions. Words have the power to induce someone to laugh, to cry, to be kind, to be loving, to be cooperative, or to buy. Or be unkind, angry, or irrational. Whether words are written or spoken, they have enormous power.
By Ted Nicholas

6 Ancient Power Words to Bring You Wealth
Download your free Prosperity Formula PDF and learn 6 ancient power words containing a vibrational 'blueprint' that can rearrange your DNA and turn you into a prosperity magnet.
The Prosperity Formula Report

How to Do a Full Day's Work in 90 minutes
What sense does it make to spend more time at the office if you’re normally operating at less than 20% of capacity? Why not simply do 90 minutes of real work and then go home for the day? What if you could complete a whole day’s work in only 90 minutes? What would that 90-minute period look like?
By Steve Pavlina

How Your Thoughts Can Make You Sick
The same mind-body power that can heal you can also harm you. When patients in double-blinded clinical trials are warned about the side effects they may experience if they're given the real drug, approximately 25% experience sometimes severe side effects, even when they're only taking sugar pills.
By Lissa Rankin, M.D.

Free Webinar: Unlimited Abundance in 2015
Over 80,000 people experienced Christie Marie's session last year and many participants 'stumbled' upon profound synchronicities - brilliant ideas, surprise cheques and sudden business opportunities.
By Christie Marie Sheldon

Don't Worry, Be Happy -- Just Go to Bed Earlier
People who sleep for shorter periods of time and go to bed very late at night are often overwhelmed with more negative thoughts than those who keep more regular sleeping hours.
Science Daily

26 Successful People Who Failed At First
We always hear the success stories but we rarely hear about the struggles and failures of the world's most successful people. Here then, are 26 famous winners who started with a whimper.
MindTrip Magazine

If You Open Your Third Eye, Be Prepared for Weirdness
This isn't an astral horror story, but I figured it may be of use to you for you to know of the uber-strangeness than can happen when you actually start putting these things into practice on a daily basis. Weirdness becomes commonplace.
By Jason Mangrum

The Most Popular Stories of 2014, Part 1
How to Experience Total Freedom; How to Be More Interesting; The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying; How to Become Superhuman; The Ultimate Secret to Getting Rich Doing What You Love; How to Create Your Own Synchronicity and Luck; How to Steal and Get Rich; Flow, the Secret to Happiness; and much much more...
Mind Power News Best of 2014, Part 1

The Weirdest, Wildest News of 2014, Part 2
10 Ways to Change Your Life in 59 seconds; Happiness Is Free; 100 Life Hacks from 100-year-olds; The Practical Benefits of Outrageous Optimism; The Happy Drugs Inside Your Brain; How to Tap the Power of Your Subconscious Mind; How to Order From the Universe; and much much more...
Mind Power News Best of 2014, Part 2

Your Invitation to a Free Live Energy Clearing Session
Your invitation to Christie Marie Sheldon's Energy Clearing Session is still available... And it's absolutely free.

Get your Free Issue of MindTrip Magazine Best of 2014!
Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness. The free Best of 2014 issue of MindTrip magazine is now available for Apple and Android devices.
MindTrip Magazine

I Am Energy. I Am Infinite. I Am Money.
What magnetizes me most is the creation of value in the universe. I move to places where value is created, because creation is energy. If you wish to attract me into your life, focus on creating value for others, and I will appear.
By Greg Habstritt

Animals Love Psychedelic Drugs
Everywhere scientists have looked, they have found animals who love to party. Bees stoned on orchid nectar, goats gobbling magic mushrooms, birds chomping marijuana seeds, rats on opium, also mice, lizards, flies, spiders and cockroaches on opium, elephants drunk on anything they can find...
By Steven Kotler

The Healing Power of Music
There are neuroscientists who are working to discover exactly why music has healing powers. After all, it's pretty amazing that it can stimulate certain areas of the brain, speed healing, and decrease anxiety and increase optimism.
Mind Power MP3s

Santa Claus and the Magic Mushrooms
Siberian reindeer also enjoy eating amanita mushrooms and thus are often used as a lure by the deer-herding natives. Since one of the hallucinatory experiences often felt on psychedelic mushrooms is that of flying, Santa's flying reindeer most likely derive from this.
The Atlantean Conspiracy

The Secret Weapon of Meditation
How did I do so much? The key was in stress management. My stress management was meditation. I often meditated in-between classes and at night. It was easy. And, it didn’t cost a penny.
By Stephanie Flood

4 Free Chapters from How to Order From the Universe
Here's a free sample from our new book How to Order from the Universe. This includes 4 free chapters to help you begin to create the future that you desire.
By Steve Pavlina

Meditation Can Help Relieve Migraine Pain
According to researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, meditation has been found to be beneficial for those dealing with the bothersome effects of migraines.
Natural News

How to Create Exactly What You Want
If you want to reach the highest levels of success, you have to zealously guard the input you allow to come into your life. You must control your own programming, and reject the poisonous stuff most people are trying to feed you.
By Dr. Robert Anthony

Using Virtual Reality to Lose Weight
Researchers are exploring the possible benefits of using virtual reality to treat eating disorders and obesity.
American Psychological Association

The Legend of Jesus in Japan
The story goes that after escaping Jerusalem, Jesus made his way across Russia and Siberia to Aomori in the far north of Japan where he became a rice farmer, married, had a family and died peacefully at the age of 114.

What Did Jesus Really Teach About Seeking Wealth?
Did Jesus teach us to fear for the future? No, he taught that we should trust and that all would be taken care of.
By Christopher Westra

3 Mind Training Tips from Navy Seals
The difference between winning and losing is mental. Ask any Navy Seal and he will tell you that. The greatest power of all is the power to control your own mind. If you can do that, you can be prepared for anything.
Survival Life

How Jim Carrey Manifested $10 Million
When the now infamous American actor and comedian Jim Carrey was still broke and basically nobody, he wrote himself a check for $10 million and wrote in the memo: "For acting services rendered."
MindTrip Magazine

How to Tap the Enormous Power of Your Subconscious Mind
You have available to you, right now, a power like a supercomputer that can enable you to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal you can set for yourself.
The Millionaire's Brain

Top 10 Films That Are Stranger Than Fiction
We rather enjoyed Argo, not least because the tale it relates is so outlandish, and watching it got us thinking about other films whose plots are the sort of thing that you'd never believe if they weren't based on actual events.

The Future of the Brain
The brain is one of the most, if not the most, complicated systems in the universe. The Future of the Brain goes to great lengths to convince the reader of this statement.
University of Washington

How to Manifest Money
When you manifest money, you are commanding it to come into your reality. You're the creator. Money has no choice but to obey you, but only if you wield your true power. If you give your power away to money, then you empower money to deny your requests.
By Steve Pavlina

Will This Story Blow Your Mind?
The story I am about to tell you will be probably one of THE BEST short stories you’ll read in your life I have no doubt about that. Also, this story will blow your mind to a whole new level, it will ascend your thinking and you will never think of life in the same way again.
By Dejan Davchevski

How to Become a Jedi Knight
So I did what any normal 37 year old man in the fund of hedge funds business would do. I bought the book, The Tao of Star Wars. Because I knew deep down if I just surrendered to The Force then my business would be ok.
By James Altucher

Hyper-Realistic Robots Coming to a Future Near You
Chillingly life-like robots are causing a storm in Japan – where their creators are about to launch them as actresses, full-size mechanical copies for pop idol fans, and clones of the dearly departed.
Daily Mail

MindTrip Magazine Issue 29 Now Available!
Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness. The lastest issue of our digital magazine is now available on Apple and Android devices.
MIndTrip Magazine

Top 10 Modern Mind Control Techniques
The more one researches mind control, the more one will come to the conclusion that there is a coordinated script that has been in place for a very long time with the goal to turn the human race into non-thinking automatons.
Activist Post

Will Smith: How to Bend the Universe to Your Will
The sound on this video is a bit rough but the message is brilliant. Listen carefully and learn how to command the universe to bend to your will.
Mind Bending Videos

How to Order from the Universe
The Universe is extremely adept at fulfilling your desires — but only if you have the wherewithal to decide and order what you want. If you can't do that — and it matters not what excuses you have — you will remain hungry.
By Steve Pavlina

The Best Way to Procrastinate
The term "productive procrastination" is a contentious one amongst scholars in the field, some of whom strongly believe there can be nothing productive about procrastination. But there's no question that of the many ways we can waste time, some are far better for us than others.
Fast Company

Be Happy Now: The Surprising Shortcut to Attract What You Want
You don't need to practice the 5 steps in this article to manifest your desires or attract more wealth. Nope. There is an easier way. I'll tell you what it is, but you must promise that once you use it, you'll tell the entire world about it...
By Joe Vitale

10 Ways to Fail in Life, Guaranteed
This article is slightly controversial compared to the normal goodie-goodie personal development advice because this is the TRUTH. I want to tell you the truth straight to your face because I've been there and heard the garbage lies thrown everywhere.
By Patric Chan

Doggie Brain Scans Reveal What Your Pet Is Thinking
What the studies show is welcome news for all dog owners: Not only do dogs seem to love us back, they actually see us as their family. It turns out that dogs rely on humans more than they do their own kind for affection, protection and everything in between.

How to Create Your Virtual Reality
The hypnogogic state is one of the most powerful states one can achieve. Also called lucid dreaming, with the help of brainwave control methods such as brainwave entrainment, it is easier to enter this state and take control, even of your fantasies and worst nightmares.
Isochiral Music

The Power of Positive Existentialism
There never has been, and there never will be, a cheat code for life. Instead of sweating the small things, the large things, or anything, I've decided to make my finite existence infinitely easier by embracing the tenants of positive existentialism.

12 Things I Wish I'd Learned When I Was Young
Let's face it, the younger versions of ourselves were not as seasoned or emotionally intelligent as we are now. All of the things you have dealt with in your life has brought you to the present, and molded you into the person that you are.
By Joe Vitale

Grab Your Own Highly Profitable Secret Web Page
This guy has been making money online, everyday for more than 10 years now. And he has been quietly keeping his highly profitable "secret web page" to make money online on auto-pilot.
CB Passive Income Program

How to Become a Master Money Manifestor
When we realize this and shift our perspective to see amazing abundance in everything from countless stars in the sky to the endless blades of grass on Earth, we open our mind to the understanding that by nature, all things are overflowing with abundance.
Almost Super Human

The Pathway to Personal Freedom
The point is... you have the right to be free and happy. If you are not then you are denying yourself this basic freedom. The old attitude might have been acceptable 40 years ago but it now no longer applies.
The 7 Real Mind Power Secrets

The Happy Drugs Inside Your Brain
Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins are the quartet responsible for our happiness. Many events can trigger these neurotransmitters, but rather than being in the passenger seat, there are ways we can intentionally cause them to flow.
Finer Minds

Accelerate Your Brain's Evolution
Whether it's health and longevity, or a lifetime of success and abundant riches, all these can be achieved through the enhanced mental capabilities of a highly evolved brain.
Brain 2.0

You Can Choose To Be Rich or Not
The day I chose to be financially rich and stop giving wimpy excuses to myself, my financial life changed and yours can too. Choose to be rich now. Educate yourself and actually use what you've learned. One day, you'll remember this article that sparked you to make the decision to be financially wealthy.
By Patric Chan

Would You Like Some Help Attracting Your Soulmate?
Today, I want to share with you a blueprint, a shortcut, and the ultimate key for finding endless romance, unconditional love, and true happiness... that lasts for years to come.
The Soulmate Attractor

The Weird Benefits of Negative Visualization
Stoicism, in short, is a series of mental techniques and ways of life that allow you to decrease and then virtually eliminate all negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, and dissatisfaction, while simultaneously building up a tide of pure Joy inside you.

Altered States of Consciousness in Minutes
This is an amazing set of brainwave entrainment products that work almost immediately. It is one of the biggest innovations we have seen in this field. Unlike a lot of brainwave entrainment products you do not need to wear headphones. You can even use Isochiral Music when you sleep.
Isochiral Music

Top 5 Benefits of Laughter
Every time you start chuckling there are a number of amazing effects that occur to your mind and body. Here are five of my favorite benefits of laughing I discovered.
The Stillness Project

How to Program Your Mind for Love and Wealth
The one thing that sets the financially successful and truly happy people apart from the rest of us isn't a high paying job or a wealthy family. It's the ability to have complete control of their subconscious mind, which in turn gives them the power to set their own path.
Empowered Mind Videos


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